I truly believe in a holistic approach to wellness, which simply means “whole health.”  I believe that the key to achieving “whole health” is by nurturing the mind, body and spirit.  Because of this belief, I have earned certifications which support all three components. I am currently focusing on Nutrition Coaching.

  • Dr. Bill Sears L.E.A.N. Training & Certification (NEW!)

Lifestyle. Exercise. Attitude. Nutrition.

(Focused on families/educators/caregivers of children ages 3-12)

Being a Dr. Sears Certified L.E.A.N. Health and Wellness Coach means that I have the ability to educate families about healthy lifestyle choices using two certification programs developed by Dr. William Sears.  They are as follows:


    L.E.A.N. Start: A comprehensive workshop program designed for parents and/or caregivers with school age children. L.E.A.N. Start workshops contain six, one hour sessions covering basic label reading, nutrient needs, child friendly exercises, and includes goal setting at the end of each session.

    L.E.A.N. Essentials: A highly interactive, condensed version of L.E.A.N. Start that briefly touches on each of the top nutrition and exercise topics. It is a two hour workshop.


  • Pantry Makeover (NEW!)

Allow me to come into your home and spend 60-90 minutes sorting through your pantry, making it over into a source of healthy, nutritious foods.  We will talk about "Red, Yellow and Green Light Foods," ensuring that you stock the right proportion of each.  I will gladly help you modify your basic grocery list, along with providing you a Healthy Substitution List for your most commonly used ingredients. You will gain a basic understanding of reading Nutrition Facts, and will be left with a list of 12-Non-Food Items to avoid.

  • Certified Nutrition Coach
    Being a Nutrition Coach allows me to partner with my client’s to understand their relationship with food. For some people, food is a comfort – for others, it’s the enemy. Some people just want to learn how to eat right, and others want to take their nutrition to the next level of health. Whatever the case, I am educated in creating meal plans so that you are aware of the proper balance of essential nutrients right for you – for your weight, your goals and your taste-buds! It’s not about deprivation, it’s about moderation and mindfulness.

I advise my clients to keep a food diary which I review with them on a weekly basis. We will work together until you achieve the results you want. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about giving your body what it needs.

  • Certified Children’s Nutrition Specialist
    While I am not actively building meal plans for children, I can certainly serve as a resource for better understanding their specific needs. I can also provide you with creative ways to sneak fruits and vegetables into your child’s diet – as well as techniques to increase their physical activity.

It is important to note here that I will not work with children if their parents or guardians are not making a similar commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Children have enough pressures to combat everyday on their own, and need your support and example if they are to succeed.


  • Certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist
    Exercise both during and after pregnancy is imperative to physical and mental well-being at such a fragile and rewarding time in a woman's life.  Exercise during pregnancy has been proven to lessen potential complications during pregnancy, offer a shorter labor time, and ensure a quicker recovery.  After pregnancy, exercise offers increased self-esteem, reduced stress and anxiety, and a sense of focus and well-being. 

    Being Certified in Pre/Post Natal Exercise Coaching, I am able to provide my advanced skills and knowledge specific to an expecting or new mother's exercise prescription.  I am trained in areas such as prenatal and postnatal physiology adaptations, musculoskeletal & metabolic adaptations, maternal responses to acute exercise, fetal responses to acute exercise, aerobic and resistance-training effects in labor and delivery, exercise guidelines for pre/post partum, and nutrient requirements throughout pregnancy.

  • Certified Personal Trainer
    As a Certified Personal Trainer, I have been educated in the areas of exercise science and exercise prescription. Whether you’re looking to increase your strength or endurance, lose fat or gain muscle, we will work together to design a unique program that’s right for you. I will conduct a thorough fitness assessment to gain an understanding of your initial capabilities and limitations, along with your goals (remember, these elements will change as you progress!).

    Throughout my education and experience, I have learned various injury prevention tools such as proper spotting procedures, warm-up, cool down, and targeted stretching techniques, as well as first aid skills - such as taping and bracing to support weakness, therefore always ensuring your safety and readiness.

  • Holistic Stress Management
    In this fast paced world where we’re awarded for multi-tasking, it’s become habit for most of us to work long hours and sleep less. We’re trying to fill each moment of our day (and night) with productivity. This usually leaves us feeling irritable, depressed, easily angered, fatigued and sick.

    I have learned techniques for managing stress without taking medication or engaging in costly treatments. I will work with you to understand the origin and symptoms of your stress and then design a program to address and alleviate that stress. I will help you learn to recognize signs of stress and will equip you with the skills to conquer it before it conquers you.