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When I was growing up, there was very little awareness (or, at least very little conversation) about the damaging effects of the sun on our skin. I also discovered at a young age that I'm highly allergic to PABA - a chemical that was in almost all sunscreens at the time. Because of that allergy, and not many PABA-free options on the market, I most often went without any sun protection at all. And, as a result, at only 35 years old, that damage runs deep. I have fine lines and dark sun spots that most women my age do not.

After spending years upon years searching for organic, botanically-based products to help reverse the damage that's been caused, it finally occurred to me that the damage on my skin needs more than just a "natural" remedy. If I am to achieve any healing, it must be through a clinically proven product. And, in all honesty, this revelation felt like a bit of a moral dilemma to me, considering my commitment to a clean, organic, all natural lifestyle. But, in a shaky leap of faith, I tried one of the Rodan & Fields product lines - and I loved it. I mean, like, saw results in a matter of days, kind of love.

I actually tried to un-love it because it is a product which combines over-the-counter medicines and active cosmetic ingredients. But, I was hooked - and thus the soul searching process of this journey began. The truth was, I needed a safe dose of clinical formulations to treat my damaged skin. And, if I was willing to accept that, than I must be absolutely certain that the formulations I chose to use were lab tested, mixed in the right concentrations, and that the company producing them was 100% committed to safety - adhering to all cosmetic FDA regulations and standards. Rodan & Fields meets all of this criteria, and then some.

In fact, I am so confident in Rodan & Fields that I have become an Independent Consultant for them.

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Won't you join me in this experiencing this gift? And yes, the confidence that I've gained from having better, healthier skin is truly a gift.