First, let me start by stating that I do not like the gym experience at all. I find it to be quite boring and I often feel totally unmotivated! I would much rather be out cycling or running on one of my favorite trails. But that all changed when I started training with Gina! I didn’t need to loose weight or make some major health behavioral changes. I just needed a good core conditioning workout to get me running and riding stronger with fewer injuries. And I have to say without a doubt, that’s exactly what I got and more! Within several weeks I could already feel and even see my body starting to change for the better. While cycling on long climbs that would fry my lungs, my legs just kept turning those cranks over and pushing me up the hill! I’ve also noticed now that I can run longer, stronger and recover faster and all with zero injuries! I have even had folks stop me to ask what I have been doing lately because my posture looks great! I’m sleeping better, feeling happier, healthier and just enjoying life so much more.

Gina is amazing! She has the experience and imagination to change up the workouts to keep me from getting bored and staying motivated! She knows exactly when to push you and when to make you laugh. She has the compassion and understanding not to treat you just like you’re another client. Gina will get to know your strengths and weaknesses and builds on them and you will be amazed at the results!


I am very excited to be pregnant with my first baby! I have been blessed with an easy pregnancy and love the new direction my life is headed.

However, I never expected it to be so hard to accept what is happening to my body and the figure I once had. Very early on I began to feel out of shape, weak, and very round. I was worried if I didn’t do something about these feelings, I could end up with a tough delivery and recovery.

Thanks to Gina’s workouts and advice, I am now feeling stronger, I am accepting my new round figure, and I am very confident about my future delivery and recovery. She trains me twice a week for an hour each time. Her workout sessions involve full body exercise, awesome advice, and special training to ensure an easy delivery. She has taught me very valuable exercises to prep my body for the big day.

Her prices are very reasonable too, as I compared her to others in the area.

With Gina it is more than just a workout, it is spending two hours a week with someone who truly cares about my well being! I look forward to continuing our workouts after I have the baby. I know she will help me earn my figure back in a positive way.

I highly recommend Gina!


I have been in the fitness industry since 1981 and a certified personal trainer for more than 20 years. I had the pleasure of having Gina Siragusa as a client on and off for over ten years, so when her personal trainer certification program required an internship I was pleased to help.

I have a varied clientele, ranging from teens to 70-plus. I train both men and women, and the fitness level ranges from first-time exercisers to the super-fit. I also have a significant number who are obese, with the con-current health problems of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as the extra load the weight puts on their joints.

Without exception, Gina found a way to connect with each of my clients. She asked questions in a non-intimidating way and shared advice or personal insight appropriate for each client. They all looked forward to their sessions with Gina and all gave me positive feedback afterwards, feeling that her presence at their workouts added to the positive experience.

As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m very protective of my clients and would never want them to feel that their session wasn’t “all about them”, but I didn’t hesitate to share them with Gina and would jump at the chance to have her with us again.


Gina Siragusa has been an invaluable member of my “getting healthy team.” Her compassion and knowledge have helped me to overcome some of the challenges my body tries to throw at me. She always finds a way to help me adapt an exercise to overcome the current obstacle. I have stenosis of the spine and have had several disks removed causing me to avoid certain moves due to nerve pain.  For years I totally gave up the idea of being fit.

With Gina’s dedication and encouragement I have really begun to see changes happening. I am much stronger, more flexible, energetic and just feel better. I look so forward to my days with her. The cheerful “five more seconds” always comes just as I am ready to throw in the towel giving me the incentive to hang in there for “just five more.” The best part is that I am feeling so good about the changes that I look forward to working out on my own everyday.


Gina Siragusa has been a crucial part in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

I was more than 50 pounds over weight when I came to Gina.  I had joined Weight Watchers; however that only helped me control my diet.  I realized I needed help with my activity too.  I have had a gym membership for years, but I never go.  I don’t like the environment at the gym and was completely un-motivated to work out.  Gina has changed all that.  When I came to her, the first thing she asked me was what I wanted to accomplish by working out.  I let her know that I wanted to be more healthy and tone up as I was losing the weight.  She made me feel at ease and comfortable with my goal and designed a plan to help me achieve it.

Gina is a phenomenal trainer.  Her patience with me as I picked up new moves was amazing.  I recently sprained my ankle at a baseball game and she was able to help me work around that safely with movement that didn’t risk further injury, but allowed me to continue training.  She also had the knowledge to tape my ankle prior to activity so that I felt more support throughout the workouts.

She pushes you just enough to help you grow and improve, but understands that everybody is built differently and certain movements are just not possible.  Gina is really great at mixing up the routines so that I truly look forward to my sessions with her since I have no idea what new and exciting routine we will do next.  She has gotten me so motivated that I will even do tricep dips on my own during the weekend. 

Gina would be an asset to your members and I guarantee they will find her to be one of the best trainers they have ever had.


When I started training with Gina, I had already lost a significant amount of weight.  I was very self-conscious about my body because of all the excess skin and lack of muscle definition.                              

When I started training with Gina, she asked me what I wanted to get out of the training.  Naturally, I was a little nervous as I had never had a trainer before.  Gina quickly made me feel at ease and was so encouraging.  When I see the trainers at the gym, they are overpowering and unsympathetic.  I really don't enjoy working out, but Gina has made it fun.

I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Gina.  My body has never felt or looked this good.  A once “anti-workout” person, I find myself excited about our training sessions.  She is constantly mixing things up and adding new routines in to maximize our time.  She is just so personable that even when you are getting pushed, you feel good about it. 

I feel very lucky to be trained by Gina.  If everyone had the opportunity to work with Gina you would see a lot more people getting off of the couch and making the decision to improve their life. 

Thank you for everything Gina!